In the house it is necessary to allocate a certain place where the dog needs to celebrate the need. Remove the drawers and boxes where you can get a dog, but leave a couple of these places, because schooling to the toilet requires a lot of effort and time.
Plan diet by the clock. Let's feed every day at the same time, remove the food in between food.
Pay attention to the signals the dog shows when she has to pee. Perhaps this plaintive howl, a slow walk, circling in one place, leaving the room, wheezing. Trained dogs may bark or scratch the door, thereby implying that the time on the street. Noticing any of these signs, immediately take the dog for a walk. Give a treat, play or walk after the dog to defecate on the street.
Walk each time on the same route as the smell will remind the dog that you leave not just to walk. Some dogs like to run and play, let them.
Walk the dog you need at one time. Small puppies need to display every hour, or after playing, sleeping and eating. Last time bring the dog in the night-and before you leave the dog alone.
Adult dogs should be taken at least 4 times per day. If you saw the dog defecate in the premises, trogaite her. Now take the dog outside. The puppy and adult dog should pull the collar, thereby expressing their outrage.
Your task - to scare the dog and stop her, still unfinished. After the dog finished it's business outside, praise her. If you failed to stop your dog, it is nothing to do at the moment. To eliminate the odor, carefully wash the place with disinfectant. Otherwise the next time the dog goes to the toilet in the same place. Bring up their dogs properly, and your pet will bring only joy.