Advice 1: How to deliver a baby in a pug

Childbirth different breeds of dogs are about the same. However, the owners of pugs noted some differences. In nulliparous pugs birth can occur before prescribed 62 - 65 days. The preparatory stage of labor in dogs breed pug occurs in different ways: in some it passes without any changes in the behavior, others are restless. The main thing that the dog ate, I felt fine and not strained.
How to deliver a baby in a pug
You will need
  • - a place for delivery;
  • the blanket and the mattress;
  • - cut rag or diaper;
  • - room thermometer
  • - an additional heat source;
  • - colored ribbons for puppies;
  • - the minimum set of medicines and tools.
It is advisable to pre-arrange with your veterinarian for assistance in childbirth. Most pugs give birth without problems, but in difficult cases, a vet will always help. Or just with your hands or by using medicines, or by applying a caesarean section.
Prepare in advance a place for childbirth, better on hills. It can be a chair. You also need to prepare an incubator for puppies - a box with a mattress and blanket.
If the room is cool, use a heating pad. For future puppies ready colored ribbons to remember who is in what sequence was born.
The approach of childbirth in a pug can be identified by lowered stomach, frequent urination and lowering the temperature by one degree compared with conventional. In addition, some pugs can refuse to eat.
Because labor can be painful, the dog's breathing, she may tremble or whine. Period of contractions to the birth itself may take from 12 to 24 hours. All this time, you need to be near the pet.
If labor and painted there is no selection, and the health of the dog is generally good, then everything is as it should be. Actually the beginning of childbirth should be regarded as the first fight or the appearance of the dog dark, bottle-green discharge.
In the period of delivery attempts and the best is the supine position for birth because the abdominal muscles improves the contraction of the uterus, and fruits are expelled faster. After more attempts are frequent when the belly becomes hard, there is the puppy.
The most favorable position of birth of the puppy head-first. However, there are cases when puppies are born hind feet first, but this does not mean that the presentation was wrong.
You will see an amniotic bubble that dog sometimes breaks language. Then there is the fruit entirely or partially coated bubble. Born the puppy is connected with the placenta by the umbilical cord, the mother gnaws.
If the dog chews through the cord, she needs help, especially when the bubble closes the puppy face. In this case, it is necessary to remove from the nostrils of a puppy membrane and fingers to flip the umbilical cord, cutting it to use it no need. The open should be done in four inches from the navel and immediately returning the puppy to the mother.
In between appearances on light puppy animal rests from several minutes to several hours. With each new puppy these intervals, as a rule, be reduced, but no pattern here.
The temperature in the room where you will give birth to a pug, should be around 28-32 degrees Celsius.
Useful advice
In multiple pregnancies some bitches don't have enough milk, so it is important to think about extra nutrition for the puppies from the first days of life.

Advice 2: How to determine birth in dogs

The owner should be not only a friend but an obstetrician when necessary. But that though as-that to help the dog, you need to assume when she begins childbirth. This is not so difficult, because the behavior of the animal changes somewhat.
How to determine birth in dogs
Special attention should be given to the dog after about 60 days after she got pregnant. On average, she bears their offspring 62-66 days. If childbirth not the first, then the dog can asenitsa a few before, that is not considered a deviation from the norm. In this case, begin to control the behavior of the animal with 57 days. Do not forget that in this period you really need my darling, don't leave her alone for long.
Measure the dog's temperature in the rectum, and when it starts to decrease by 1-2 degrees, prepare - will soon begin childbirth. This usually takes 24 to 32 hours before significant events. The average rectal temperature during pregnancy of the animal is kept at around 38-39 degrees and just before the birth is somewhat reduced.
In the same period the dog begins to show great concern. She begins to fuss, periodically inspecting one thing or another secluded place in the apartment. Don't be surprised if you will see how she pulls the blanket and carries him into any corner. Do not swear, and help her to build a "birthing chamber".
A few hours before birth, the dog is getting very hard to breathe. Also appear dark vaginal discharge. Then you start the fight, which ends in the birth of offspring. Usually childbirth last from 1 hour to several days. If you think that they were delayed, call the vet.
Puppies are born in the "pouch" if the dog is unable to gnaw, help her. Also cut the umbilical cord and treat it with green paint. Dry your newborn and put it in another clean box, while the dog did not give birth to all.
After birth change the animal litter and place the puppies first feeding. And now don't bother mom, let her get a little rest and gain strength.
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