Signs of tendency to change is manifested in the early stages of the relationship, but they usually prefer to ignore. Usually, they start to remember very late, when it is impossible or very difficult to correct the situation. You need to analyze the behavior of a potential spouse from the early stages of Dating.

How can you identify signs of the tendency to change from the beginning?

Find out how your partner built a previous relationship.

Folk wisdom says that people generally do not change and in most cases repeat their mistakes over and over again. Find a way to see if there was infidelity from your partner in a previous relationship. Some people do not hide, in other cases you will help the information received from friends and acquaintances. If infidelity has taken place in previous relationships, there is no reason to build the illusion that they will not at this time.

Also, the presence of dual relationships (wife, lover) said about a certain psychological warehouse of the person, which is unlikely to change without a conscious and focused effort.

Analyze the treatment of women of your choice.

To understand whether or not to change the man in the marriage, you need to understand that the woman in the broadest sense. For someone the woman is just an object of pleasure for someone - a Muse or object of veneration. Some men see in women is a potential friend you can trust, while others see them only as potential mothers.

Woman – that you want to use or that requires the support and admiration? What is the responsibility of men to woman and woman to man?

If you understand how your potential chosen one's answers to these questions, you will almost certainly be able to understand whether he is inclined to change.

If its internal perception of women can be characterized by such concepts as respect, caring, intelligent sense of duty, trust, sincerity in relations, it is likely that this man will not be inclined to treachery.

Conversely, the desire to devalue, to use, to put their interests above betray a willingness to go to the left.

Watch how to manifest the attitude of a woman in life, not in words.

To understand how to really apply your choice of women is possible only by the actions he performs. Assurances on how it will be good to take in combination with deception and actions, the opposite of such words should cause concern.

Consider the relations in parent family of the potential groom. Built whether the relationship of his father and mother on respect for what the family psychological climate? Usually children imitate the scripts of the relationship between the family on an unconscious level and implement it in your life. This can be changed only through a serious psychological work.

To understand whether or not to change the man in the marriage, you need not to hurry, to study his chosen, his motives and to trust your heart – only it is able to recognize many hidden things.