Since 2010, the authority for the organization of summer recreation of pupils transferred to regional authorities. Therefore, to obtain vouchers, contact the division of education or social protection, if your family has a certain social status (registered with social security institutions).The uniform algorithm of actions for all the regions is missing, so details about the voucher inquiry when applying to an educational institution or to the regional education authority, or, as indicated above, the Committee of social protection of the population.
In applying for a voucher, don't forget to find out what the conditions of its provision. Each region sets the level of surcharges. It can range from purely symbolic 5% per ticket (for children from low-income families or public sector employees) to 90% (for families with high incomes).
You can also get a ticket to the camp through the social insurance Fund. Contact the social insurance Commission, created in your company, or directly to the head of the company. Write a statement on the granting of the permit. Since the state is obliged to engage policyholders with health improvement of children of working parents, you must provide a ticket or to compensate a set percentage of the value purchased independently of the tour after its presentation.
For obtaining the permit attach to the application a copy of the birth certificate of the child; certificate of registration; a copy of the passport of one of parents and, if necessary, a certificate of total family income. If your family has benefits, prepare a document confirming them.
For registration of selected vouchers, prepare the following documents: a medical certificate with marks of vaccination is conducted; the conclusion of the epidemiological environment (no quarantine); copy of the insurance policy. Remember that the permit is valid only if issued a medical card with marks of all previous illnesses and chronic forms of disease of your child.