You will need
  • - statement to the administration;
  • - the statement in tax inspection;
  • - the passport.
Learn whether the unification of the separate structural unit can be directly in the main office of the Association, company or Department. Contact primary organization, present your passport and ask a question to the authorized representative working with clients. You call the exact address, phone number, name of the existing units, opening hours and, if necessary, will give others the information you want.
Any legal person for work in Russia obtains a license from the local authorities. The opening of new branches, divisions, departments or agencies consistent with the administration representatives. The district municipality has accurate information about all existing enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and legal persons who have received permission and a license to conduct its activities.
For information on the separate unit, you can contact with the application and passport. You will be given detailed information about a particular object.
Territorial office of the Federal tax service registration of citizens as individual entrepreneurs or legal entities of information entered to the unified state register of legal entities and entrepreneurs. All open enterprises, branches, structural subdivisions registered in the registry. Any separate division in the budget of taxes and financial reports. So, to know about the separate unit, it is possible not only in these bodies, but territorial or regional tax inspection.
Extract from the SSIS and to EGRUL not is classified information. The business is always open, and anyone can learn absolutely everything about the object of interest. Please contact the tax authorities with your passport and a statement. You indicate the precise location of a separate subdivision and the name of the individual entrepreneur or Yul.