First, you must first determine in what room will be the bedroom. It is desirable that it was further away from the noisy places, such as the kitchen and living room. Often in larger homes for this bedroom can be allocated an entire floor. Usually it's the upper floor since the ground floor is entrance hall, pantry, kitchen. There are cases when the bedroom equip in the attic. In this case, it is very cozy and original.
Secondly, it is important to consider on which side the window will go in the bedroom. If you prefer to get up early, it's good to choose a room where the Windows are located to the East. If you prefer to sleep longer, and do not want to have woken up the first rays of the sun to the bedroom window went out to the West. In this embodiment, the gloom in the room will be before lunch.
Thirdly, be sure to consider the size of the room in which is the bedroom. The most important thing that the bedroom was cluttered with unnecessary items.
Any interior designing you must start with the zoning of the room. The most common zoning the bedroom is when there is a relaxation area where there is a bed, storage area and an area for dressing table. You can take a paper and pencil and depending on the room size, the location of Windows and doors to determine the place where you will place the bed. Then determine the area for installation of the Cabinet. Dressing table, usually set near the window for better lighting. Of course, the main attribute of the bedroom will be the bed. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention.
After the zones are selected, you can move to the next stage. You will need to choose the furniture, the color of the room and accessories. Designers recommend to choose the basic color to apply and the shades for the large surfaces. For example, for decoration of walls, ceiling and floor. To avoid monotony in the color scheme, the upholstery of chairs, curtains, bedspread and pillows to make in a contrasting color. It will help you to allocate separate areas.
Since the bedroom is very important for comfort, on the floor you can lay carpet. In winter it will provide heat, and summer if desired, it can be removed.
It is necessary to pay attention to bedroom lighting. So how should it be dim, it is enough to hang a sconce over the bed, and the lamp above the dressing table. However, if the room is for most of the day without natural light, lighting can be added, for example, the lights around the perimeter of the ceiling.
Of course, variants of the design of the bedroom very much, but the main thing that has to be met is the comfort.