Make a list of signs that anger is almost here. This may be rapid breathing and heartbeat, sweating, involuntary contraction of the jaw, dizziness. This list is individual for each and maybe you're going through something different, but you must know what happens before anger takes possession of you.
Identify the symptoms of an approaching explosion. Try to escape from a stressful situation before the anger engulf you with his head. If you have the opportunity just to turn around and go in a quiet, peaceful place where you will be able to cope with them, use it
Concentrate on your breathing. Experts recommend the so-called diaphragmatic breathing. Put your hands on your chest and take a deep breath through the nose. Count to three, focusing on how the air fills your lungs. Slowly for a count of six, exhale through the mouth. Repeat a few times.
If you feel that proper breathing does not help and your anger is only growing, shout. Just yell it out, but making sure that you are alone and your scream will be drowned out by the loud music or no one will hear. Cry to exhaustion.
Sometimes anger and irritation take you too long and looking for the exit. Join a group of martial arts or do some Boxing. In addition, you are able to vent your anger at the gym, you will receive an additional bonus in the form of endorphins which will relieve stress and make you for some time more happy.
If the attempt to take out aggression - not "your way", try to do relaxation, such as yoga. Or knitting.
Analyze your emotional reactions. Why are you angry? What makes you lose control? Is anger a reasonable response to what is happening and can you do something differently to influence the situation? Describe all the cases when people make you angry, for example, in the last month. Decide whether in all of these situations have something in common. Try to look at it from a different perspective – whether you wanted to hurt, hurt, hurt you? Maybe you are angry not at what is happening, but just looking for scapegoats.
Tell people that make you angry from time to time how you feel. Tell me what you mad for, what you want them to do, explain to them before you start to react emotionally and not constructive. If you are not able to come to an understanding, then maybe it's not impossible and you should just avoid such communication.