Stand straight with hands on waist, between the feet a distance of not more than 5 cm, Transfer the body weight on your toes, raise your heels as high as possible above the floor, go to that position 1 meter. Then stand on your heels, lift the toes and pass back the same distance.
Stand on right leg, bend left knee, hands hold at the waist. With the exhale, make a squat on right leg. Lower your tailbone as you lower to the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds. On the inhale, slowly straighten the right leg until you bend the knee. Put your weight on your left foot, bend right knee and lift it above the floor. Repeat the exercise. Do 2 – 3 sets on each leg.
Stand up straight, hands lower along the body. Exhaling, bend forward, place palms on floor about feet. The next exhalation bend your knees squat, heel off the floor keep your. On the inhale, lift the tailbone up and straighten legs at the knees. Make at least 18 sit-UPS. If you want even more load on the intrinsic muscles of the shins, perform the movement slowly.
Sit on floor, bend legs at the knees and place the ball between them medium size. Get just a little bit ago, lean on the forearms, legs lift up. Exhale, press knees on the ball for a few seconds longer under stress. On the inhale relax your muscles. Make 15 – 18 repetitions of exercise.
Move the right foot forward, left slightly set back, hands lower along the body. Exhaling, bend forward, palms put on the floor. On the inhale, pull the toes of the right foot, the knee does not bend. Exhale, point the toe itself. Do 10 – 12 repetitions. On the inhale lift the body up. Put forward the other leg, repeat the exercise on the left calf.