You will need
  • - gym;
  • - rod;
  • stands;
  • - pancakes;
  • locks.
Conduct a thorough warm-up the legs before exercise. Not to stretch the muscle fibers and heat the joints, you need to allocate 10 minutes for a special stretch marks.
Make the slopes to the feet while standing. Then follow a few of prosperitu or, if possible, twines. Mash with your hands the whole back of the thigh and lower leg. All you can now proceed to the main exercise.
Perform squats with a barbell. This basic universal impact exercise for all leg muscles, including the gastrocnemius. The more effort you overcome the projectile, the faster will increase the amount of calves.
Do each of the 4 approaches 10-12 reps with circa-maximal weight, adding it from Seth to Seth. Then walk around the hall and predicates.
Elevate socks with a barbell on the shoulders. This is already a special exercise to increase calf muscles. The projectile should weigh a little more than squat. So, put under feet a small "pancake" from the rod, put the weight on your shoulders and take a step back from the counter.
Rise on socks only at the expense of the calf. Your task is to do 15 repetitions. If you can, add weight and perform another set. There must be at least 4 approaches.
Secure the result, completing the arch on a special simulator. In some halls, there are blocks attached to the uprights need to be placed under the shoulders and lift the load only a Shin. Do this exercise if you have the opportunity. Run it from the same calculation: 4 sets 15-20 times each.
Do lunges on the toes with the weights. Take a light rod in the 20-30 kg depending on the physical training. Put it on your shoulders. Take one leg back and extend forward, putting it only on the foot (toe).
Feel strain your calf muscles. Then make the switch, creating a consistent forward movement. Go around, so twice around the hall. It will be a great end of workout.