You will need
  • The post
  • - Weight
Put a barbell with weight that is light enough to allow you to stand up straight and heavy enough to make you feel stress. Place your feet socks on a surface that is four or five inches above the floor level.
Dramatically stand on the toes up until the end, hold at the top for a split second and fall back. Repeat the exercise fifteen times, then do the thirty second break and do another six approaches.
Stand on one leg near the wall or near support you can keep. Take in hand a weight of twenty pounds. Stand on one leg as high as possible, with the effort of straining a calf muscle.
Hold at the top for a second, then descend. Do twenty repetitions, then change leg. Do the same exercise in relation to the other foot, then switch to the first leg.
Repeat eight approaches for each leg. Try not to make breaks between working on each leg separately.