Increased intracranial pressure, usually not amenable to rapid adjustment. So if you suffer from severe headache, you must drink a pain reliever and antispasmodic. This will help to temporarily remove the pain, and begin to take more drastic measures.
To reduce pressure will help any diuretic. If you drink at night diuretic during the week, it is possible to achieve sustainable results. However, you must be very careful, because if you don't have very healthy kidneys, you can instead remove the unpleasant symptoms to worsening of another disease. Therefore, carefully ensure that the amount of liquid roughly corresponds to the number displayed. To abuse diuretics, especially medication, is very dangerous: you may not notice how fast your body will be leached potassium.
It is better to prefer medicinal herbs and homeopathic drugs. They may help not so fast, but will not harm other systems in the body. And make them longer. Today, homeopathic medicines can help excrete excess fluid not only from the kidneys but from all tissues of the body, which, of course, is more preferred.
But the best is to consult a doctor. Increased intracranial pressure can be a symptom of disease that requires long and systematic treatment. Moreover, this condition negatively affects the activity of the brain, resulting in depression, decreased performance, depressed brain activity. The normal operation of the brain is what makes us human, changes in brain activity – a change in your personality. So don't limit yourself to just removing the symptoms, be sure to enjoy removing the cause of the painful condition.