Use the usb cord included in the package to connect the webcam to the computer. Take one end of the cord and connect it to the appropriate connector on the camera, the other end into the usb socket of the computer. After you will hear the distinctive sound of the operating system, meaning connection of a new device, wait for its full initialization.
The driver is designed to work a web camera, many models are set in automatic mode. If not, insert the drive CD that came with the device. Wait for it to load, then select the menu item "Install driver". If you are prompted to select the model of the webcam, operating system and its version, – specify appropriate values. Wait until the driver will be installed. If necessary, reboot after that the operating system. In some cases, when the disc is loaded the correct driver will install in automatic mode.
If none of the methods does not work, the driver is not installed and the webcam does not work, use the Internet. Launch your web browser and go to the website of the device manufacturer. Open the page with the product catalog and locate the desired webcam. Find a link where you can download the file to your computer with the drivers for this model. Click the link intended for download and save the file to your hard disk. Wait for it to download.
After that double click the downloaded file to start the installation process the driver for the webcam. Select the installation path, optionally specify the operating system used and other parameters, and then the button install the driver. If prompted, restart the operating system before the changes take effect.