You will need
  • glue;
  • - the patch;
  • - acetone;
  • - fleecy brush;
  • - a pair of scissors.
First you need to find broken place. This can be done using soapy water. Type in the little Cup 20 grams of water add 10 grams of shampoo or liquid soap and mix well. After that, apply the solution to the place where it is suspected that hole. After application, press lightly on the ball, while in the pierced place you will see bubbles from the soap solution. Now you know exactly what point you need to seal.
In order to qualitatively to seal a punctured place, it is best to let the air out of the balland, as otherwise you will be very uncomfortable, and also because of the constant flow of air, the adhesive may not in all places to set.
Select glue. The best option is a money in little tubes, like "Second" or "Super glue". These options is glued the entire surface, and they are durable. The only negative is that the treated surface becomes too solid and hard, and then the join a second time defies sizing.
Then buy special patches. In stores you can offer two options. The first, already coated with adhesive, and the second patch, which comes with the glue. Most believe that the first option best, but it's not. It is, of course easier, but not durable. The glue on these patches is not very high quality. But the second option allows you to choose, quality glue.
The most important point is careful treatment of the place of bonding. For this it is best to use acetone. Apply on cotton this medium and thoroughly wipe the place on which you will build the glue with the patch. Otherwise, the glue may not stick to a contaminated surface. If by hand was not acetone, the surface can be cleaned with alcohol or other similar tools on its basis. You can also clean the surface using a fleecy brush, rubbing it for a long time damaged place.
Final point – the sealing. Cut extra patches to around broken seats was 2 cm. Next, apply glue to the patch and on the ball, and this must be done very quickly, because the delay is not allowing the glue. After application, firmly press the taped place or put something heavy. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Then inflate the ball and start the game!