You will need
  • - lap swimming
  • - recruited water bath
Lap swimming is convenient because, by wearing it on the neck of the child, the parent can just watch him. It is unnecessary to stand, bent in half over the bath. With circle the neck of a child feels confident, his movements are free. Properly mounted, it presses on the neck. And a special recess for the chin help to lock the head in one position.
In order to use the circle and pull it out from the pack and unfold. The circle consists of two air chambers, inside which there are small balls rattles. Often on the top of the circle found the handles – they are convenient for older children.
First you need to inflate the inner chamber and close it tight nipple. Then inflate the second chamber and also is tightly closed. Both nipples need to cram inside. Check in accumulated water bath, do not miss any air. Depends on your child's safety.
Dial into the bath water. It should be a little cooler 37°. In warm water the child may refuse to swim, just relax. And cool water will cause it to move.
Give a child around. Do not just wear round the neck, baby could get scared. Let him look, touch, lick. After meeting you can try to wear the circle. To do this, unzip the zipper and fold the edges of the circle in different directions (up and down). Get a small doorway to the baby's head went in a circle. At first, most likely you will need the help of loved ones.
Make sure that the chin was a special recess. Fasten the locks and adjust them to the doorway on the child's neck. The circle should not put pressure on the neck. The child needs to breathe freely.
Take the child to the bathroom and carefully lower into the water. Never move away from it and do not leave a child alone in the bathroom! This can have serious consequences. Play around with it, force to move, turn from stomach to back and back again.
After swimming, remove the child from the water, taking the armpit. Do not hold the handles round! On the changing table detach the baby from the circle, spread his towel and put. A good appetite and restful sleep it provided.