You will need
  • labor agreement (contract) indicating the amount of percentage;
  • - memo to the accounting Department;
  • - the number of transactions, confirming the relevant accounts.
When applying for a job Manager on sales you have the right to negotiate on wages. Usually managers assign a salary and a percentage of the amount of transactions. However, common practice when some managers are paid a percentage of profits, that is, the amount that remains after deducting all expenses spent by the employee. These costs include office rent, salaries, travel etc. So in the end, the Manager can stay almost zero, limited only by its rate. According to the current legislation the percentage of sales employers can choose to pay or not to pay at all, and of the total amount of bonuses they are entitled to deduct business expenses, fines and all that they wish.
To protect yourself from such troubles, contract and make sure that it was clearly prescribed procedure of counting your wages. In this case, the contract becomes one of the arguments for the recovery of unpaid money from the employer for sales of your products.
The validity of payments percent of sales in advance, discuss with the Director. It should be reasonable and not bring the company a loss, but you must not remain in the loser. It is desirable that your Manager understand that this kind of motivation of managers as a percentage of sales should be regarded by them as a just reward, or productivity Manager will inevitably decline or will he leave to another firm. If he does not understand, save time and nerves, trying to get a job with a more adequate assessment of labor.
For calculation of percent from sales, multiply the percentage by the amount of sales and divide by 100. As a result, you will receive your bonus in salary, which, however, will be less after tax. After all, the bonuses also imposed a personal income tax, deductions to social insurance, Pension Fund, etc. As you can see, in General, the calculation is simple.
For payroll at the end of the month to the accounting Department write a memo indicating their sales, paid for and shipped invoices. After checking the accountant will accrue on this note your interest and taxes, and the amount received will be included in the estimated statement of wages.