You will need
  • ОС Windows.
If you have the opportunity to use the computer, engage in calculations built into it the calculator. Open the main menu with the button "start" on the taskbar, or Win key on the keyboard. From the keyboard type and the two letters "ka" then press Enter. This is the easiest way to call the calculator, but you can look for the appropriate link in the main menu - it is placed in the subsection "Standard" under "All programs."
Make in the mind of an ordinary fraction, the more the sequence of operations that need to be done using the calculator. In the numerator of this fraction shall be the value corresponding to one hundred percent multiplied by the percentage that you want to calculate, and the denominator of put 100. For example, to find 12% of 24000 fraction should consist of 24000*12 in the numerator and 100 in the denominator. This means that the sequence of operations in the calculator will be like this: 24000 * 12 / 100.
Start typing all the characters of the sequence are composed in the previous step. If it is possible - just copy it (Ctrl + C) and paste into the calculator (Ctrl + V). If you are more used to use the mouse, click on the relevant buttons with numerals and signs in the program interface.
Press Enter or click the button with the equal sign on the screen. The calculator will display the result of the calculation.
From the sequence of operations we can eliminate the division by 100, if you use the button with the % symbol in the calculator interface. In this case, first type the number that corresponds to one hundred percent used in the above example is 24000. Then press the star (multiplication sign) and enter the desired number of interest - in example is 12. To complete the procedure, click on the % button, and the calculator will display 2880. From any way the result can be copied (Ctrl + C) and move at any desired application - for example, in a text editor.