You will need
  • calculator, computer
To calculate interest, multiply the original amount by the percentage and divide the resulting product by one hundred. That is, use the formula:

PU = * KP / 100,


– The amount of which accrued interest payable,
KP – the interest rate
PU – the amount of interest payable.

Calculate the interest for income tax from a salary of 50000 rubles.

As the interest income tax rate is (usually) of 13%, we get:

PU = 50000 * 13 / 100 = 6500 (rubles).
If you count the interest you have to constantly, create in Excel a small plate. To do this, write, for example, in cell A1: "Original amount", in cell B1 – "percentage", and C1", the Amount of interest payable". Then write in cell C2 the following formula (you can copy directly from the text):
=A2*B2/100. Now just enter in cell A2 a certain amount, and B2 is the number of percent, in cell C2 will appear ready percentage for payment.
If you want to calculate the percentage of payment for the several amounts, then copy the formula located in cell C2 down to the desired number of rows. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the cell until it turns into a small plus sign and drag the cursor down the required number of rows.
To calculate the interest on the loan, contact the Bank officer in which you intend to apply for a loan. Even knowing all of the formulas and methods of calculation of loan payments, the layman it is practically impossible to consider all nuances in the calculation of interest on its repayment. If you still decide to calculate the interest payable on your own, then use one of the many online credit calculators (for example, Just keep in mind that these calculations usually do not take into account additional fees and balloon payments.