The keyboard in its first incarnation and was not intended to function together with computers. It is easy to guess that in the distant 1860-ies on PC could not have dreamed of even the wildest science fiction. However, at this time lived a certain editor from Milwaukee, Christopher Sholes. He introduced the first version of the keyboard part of a typewriter. Further, the invention patent was sold to Remington, where went the famous typewriter.

Few people know that the first alphabetic row of the keyboard are consistent with the alphabet of the English language, and the layout QWERTYUIOP, no one thought. Until it turned out that the typewriter keys too often sink because of close letters that were used most intensively. As a result, Christopher had to think of such a variant in which two letters would meet very rarely. So there was the layout, which is familiar to PC users.

Alt+Symbol Shift

But it is better to return to the topic of the article. Over time computers spread around the world and appeared in Russia, along with the Russian layout BEDAWAP well known to anyone who has the skill of blind printing.
To configure the pickup there are many options, but they can be reduced to several common.

However there is no need to switch between languages, what is usually done with the combination that rendered in the header of the Alt+Symbol Shift. This is the classic case, triggered most often when setting slips in an unexpected moment.

Is that the English language while working with PC. Switching combination of the above easy to fill in the blisters on the fingers. So you can make the English to Russian version of the operating system was the default. To do this, go to "control Panel – regional and language options – keyboards and Languages – Change keyboards – select "English (United States)" the default language". It's simple! This example is for Windows 7 just and for XP and earlier systems.

But if you're handy with a mouse, just click in the bottom right corner near clock in system tray icon EN and also select "English (USA)".

These different keyboard

Of course, progress to be never. Today a lot of kinds of keyboards for PCs, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, nettops and other equally interesting devices. And switching the language here is also different.
Once you have learned all of the most simple ways to customize the layout, will be easy to understand and in other cases.

Sometimes it is enough to lay a finger on the EN icon, sometimes you have to press the Space and shift it to the side to change the language or select the option from the menu. With a little patience, and you will understand!