You will need
  • - documents for the fishing enterprise;
  • - certificate of registration in the register of legal persons (individual entrepreneurs);
  • - certificate on absence of tax debts.
Every year on a scientific basis determined by the quantity of fish you can catch without causing damage to the population, which is the basis for quotas for the catch, which is divided into shares between fishing companies. Recent changes in the rules for obtaining quota requirements, now that the quotas for the catch will be divided by 10 years, which should facilitate the inflow of investments in the construction and modernisation of vessels, as well as in development of processing industry on the shores, creating coastal regions more jobs. In addition, these changes stimulated business interest in maintaining fish populations.
For quotas fishing company submits the application to the territorial bodies of the Federal fishery Agency indicating therein the personal data of the applicant:- for legal entities – the name, OPF, the location, banking details, VAT number, contact telephone number;- for individual entrepreneurs – personal data (including the data of the identity document), place of residence, banking details, VAT number, contact number,attaching thereto:- for legal entities – copies of constituent documents, the certificate of incorporation;- for individual businessmen – an extract from egrip;- copies of documents confirming property rights on ships of fishing fleet (private or used on rights Charter), certificate of validity of the vessel;- a certificate issued by the tax authorities stating that the applicant is not there is no arrears in payments to the budgets of all levels.
These documents should be submitted to the Federal Agency for fisheries directly by the applicant or sent by registered mail on time. Review of submitted documents by applicants shall be held within 3 weeks from the time of the deadline, after which the Agency approves the list of applicants assigned to the quota shares and contracts on their consolidation.