Launch "command prompt" in the latest versions of the operating systems of the Windows family has a special level of protection. When you run system utilities appears on the screen warning about running with administrator privileges. Working as root is not always safe. For example, on Linux platforms for the administrator when installing the system, select a password, otherwise the installer will complete the current operation.
The easiest way to run the above programme is to use the applet Run. Open the "start menu" and run it, sometimes in the menu, this line no. To display this element, you must go to the properties menu. To do this, click the right mouse button on free space and select "Properties".
In the opened window go to tab "start Menu" and click "Configure". In the list that appears, check item "Run Command" and then click "OK".
Now again click start, click Run, and in the empty field of the window that opens, type cmd. Then press Enter or click OK. You will see the dark window of the application "Command prompt".
The other method is no less easier than the previous ones. You just need to open "start menu", click the left mouse button in the search bar and enter the word "Command" or cmd. Among the search results you will see the title of the desired program. To start click the left mouse button on the header.
It so happens that the above-mentioned methods do not give the desired results. In this case, it is recommended to use the search "Windows Explorer". To do this, open any window, go to the system drive and press Ctrl + F. In the search box enter cmd.exe and press the Enter key.