You will need
  • -Internet access;
  • website
In the network there are several sites that can help you find region by phone number. Using search, they are not hard to find. We will focus on one of the sites that provide such opportunity free of charge:
In order to know the region number, a landline number, go to the page "International and long distance codes at On it we see the four fields available to fill in "Country "country Code "the City Code of the city . As the country and city of the unknown numbers we don't know, fill in the appropriate fields codes. For example, entries in the field "country Code 94, in the field "city Code - 45. Click "Find in table of search results we see: "Country - Sri Lanka; a city - Ratnapura .
This same service can be used for reverse operation: search international and long-distance phone codes. To do this, fill in the fields "Country and City and click "Find . The result in the form of telephone area codes will also see in the lookup table.
Another possibility that interests us is to know the region via the cell phone number of the subscriber. To do this, go to "Codes mobile operators , located at Presented her fields to fill out more than was on the previous page, but to determine the region on cell phone number we only need two of them: Code DEF and AB×1×2×3×4×5 . This service works only with Russian mobile operators. For example, we are on the cell phone got a call from the caller whose number begins with +7 901 913. From the pop-up list in field "Code DEF choose 901, 913 second is entered, press the "Show in the results table, see "Operator - Branch JSC "Astarta" in the Altai region; region - Altai region .
You can also use the feedback service. For example, selecting any region of Russia and clicking "Show , we will see a list of all the mobile operators providing services in this area, and they use the codes and number ranges.