Determine the operator by phone number, you can one of the special sites. For example, you can calculate not only the operator of the phone number, but also the regionin which the subscriber's number. The same information can be obtain on other sites: or
Three large Russian operators of you will know by the first three digits in the number.Each of the operators "big three" (MTS, MegaFon, Beeline) allocated more codes than all the other Russian operators combined.
Look at the first three digits are a DEF code. If you see the numbers from 910-919 or 980-988, it is "MTS". The number 903,905,909, 960-964 point at "Beeline". Figures 920-931, 937 talking about the fact that the owner of the phone uses a "Megaphone". All other operators have today at their disposal only seven three-digit codes - 901,902,904,908,950,951,952.The vast number of codes belong to the GSM format. This is the situation because most subscribers today use this type of communication.
You will also be able to find special programs to determine the operators, and the region where it is people by phone number. For example, in programs such as DEF or Pnone Wizard you will find a number of any subscriber, no matter what the operator he was not.
You can also check the phone you need on the Internet databases of cellular operators. It will provide the most accurate and full range, which contains the numbers of the operator in the region. This is especially useful for those operators who shared the DEF-codes. For example, Tele2's GSM network uses common codes 904,908,950,951,952. And Sky link's CDMA network code 901.