You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Today to know the region of the subscriber numberof his phone is not difficult. What matters is that you had access to the Internet, which you will need to visit the sites. Such resources can be found a few hundred. Here are just some of them.
For example, the easiest way is to visit the web portal SpravkaRU.Net. It is a kind of telephone directory, which provides codes mobile phones, postcodes and even real estate data. To use the directory very simple. In the opened list of regions next to each city in brackets is the phone code – the first digits that are displayed on the mobile when an incoming or outgoing call. On this list you did not find the desired code, use the advanced Handbook by clicking on the appropriate link. The convenience of this service is that it presents the phone numbers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Latvia.
No less useful is the website Spravportal. Here you can not only get detailed information about the mobile phone number of the cellular operator and the place of registration of the subscriber, but also to send SMS on specified number. To use this service, all you have in your browser enter the following address: Or dial and after the equal sign enter the ten digit phone number. Then click "Define operator". After you will have access to all the information you enter in the special field of room, you will be able to send the message to. Moreover, it is absolutely free.
There are also programs that allow you to determine not only the number, but the operator used the subscriber connection. One of them, installed directly to the phone and called "Operators of Russia." The app weighs less than 0.5 MB. The usability of this program lies in the fact that to determine the cellular operator is sufficient in the special field to phone number and press the set button. To download this program at: