You will need
  • - sand;
  • loam;
  • - humus;
  • - peat;
  • - ground sheet.
If you want to grow a maple tree from seed, before sowing you will have to simulate a natural stratification, which are maple seeds, fallen fall to the ground. To do this, pour into a container layer of wet washed sand, he put the maple seeds and cover them with a layer of the same wet sand. Place the container with seeds in a room with temperatures no higher than five degrees.
For different types of maple are recommended for different times of cold treatment. Seeds of Norway maple and maple Ginnala should be stratified for one hundred ten days. If you are going to grow in your garden Tatarian maple, keep its seeds in the cold for one hundred days. For maple, the term stratification is only forty days.
To sow the maple seeds in the open ground should be in early may, closing up them into the soil to a depth of not more than four inches. During the summer remove the garden weeds, loosen and water the ground. Annual seedlings can be planted in a permanent place.
For planting a maple tree choose a Sunny or slightly shaded ground. Prepare the planting hole square with a side length of fifty centimeters. The depth of the pits is seventy centimeters. Distance between pits should be at least two meters.
If you got a plot of land with a high groundwater level, pour on the bottom of the planting pits drainage layer with a thickness of about fifteen inches. As drainage can use sand. For planting on wet soils will suit maple red, as he can easily tolerate excessive humidity.
On top of the drainage, pour the soil mixture, forming a cone out of it. The composition of the mixture for different types of maple is slightly different. If you are planting Norway maple or maple Ginnala, mix one part sand with two parts of loam, and three parts compost. For ash maple will take part sand to two parts peat and leaf soil.
Put the sapling in the hole, straighten the roots and sprinkle them with potting soil. The root neck should not be sunk more than five centimeters.
For watering seedlings after planting you'll need thirty liters of water per plant. After watering sprinkle tree trunks circles with a layer of dry peat.
Once a month, watering the seedlings from the calculation of the fifteen liters of water per plant. If the summer proved dry, water the maples will have once a week.