Kalina is most often grown as a decorative shrub. But there are varieties hardy early appearance of fruit trees. This plant is loved by gardeners for several reasons: it is unpretentious, incredibly beautiful during flowering, autumn decorates the garden in an abundance of bright red fruit and nice touch of the leaves.

The best place for planting of viburnum

This plant is undemanding to soil conditions, but prefers soils that are rich in moisture. Therefore, it is desirable to plant near a well or water body and where the soil rarely dries up: at the bottom of the slopes, in partial shade, floodplain lands, in places where the water table close to the surface of the earth. To find out what their level on specific area, you can use the following method: you need to dig a hole with a depth of not less than a meter and see whether the act at its bottom wet. If during the day this did not happen, so the groundwater is quite deep, and for planting of viburnum should find a place near a source of moisture.

How to plant viburnum

Choosing a place for planting it should be thoroughly cleaned from the rhizomes of perennial weeds. It is better if the soil is sod-podzol, Chernozem, and meadow. The desirable pH level neutral or weak. Next, we need to dig a hole the size of 60/60/80 cm (the last number represents depth). On the bottom you need to put a layer of compost (5-7 cm), a little ash and potassium-phosphorous fertilizer. Then the hole until the middle is filled with water. When the liquid will be absorbed into the ground, you can start planting viburnum.

There is another method of soil preparation: the soil you removed when digging the hole, mixed with organic or mineral fertilizers. For this purpose, will be sufficient 1 bucket of compost or ½ Cup of potassium sulfate mixed with 2 tablespoons of urea and 1 Cup of superphosphate. Prior to the planting hole to ¾ fill in the thus prepared soil, shed 3-4 buckets of water and leave for a week.

In the process of planting viburnum has its own peculiarity: the root neck of a plant must necessarily sunk. This will provide good growth and proper development. The layer is laid in a pit of soil set the plant and sprinkle it with earth to form a mound with a height of 10-12 cm Then, the soil should be lightly compacted and watered. The first fertilizing is required during the blooming leaves. It consists of two tablespoons of urea per Bush.

In conditions of Central Russia for planting of viburnum preferably early fall. During this period the plant is in preparation for hibernation, but survives well and easily tolerates winter frosts. It started to grow right after the snow melts. Viburnum can be planted in early spring, at a time when the trees have not yet blossomed buds. If several seedlings are planted, the distance between them should be not less than 1.5 m.