Easier and easiest way to get to bear fruit already prepared, bought a tree. But much more interesting to grow it yourself. First prepare the soil for planting. Take a flower pot for 3-4 liters with one or more holes at the bottom. Fill the bottom of a small layer of expanded clay or river sand, they will play the role of drainage. Fill the pot up to the top special purchase of land or the most common, mixed with sand and humus. The soil substrate needs to be quite loose, in a dense soil the roots of the lemon will not grow.
Make a well in the ground a small hole, place the lemon bone and lightly sprinkle it with dust. Don't bury the seed too deep, 5-10 mm will be more than enough.
Well water the soil, cover the pot with foil and put in a warm bright place but not under direct sunlight. Germination of seeds can take from 1 to 4 weeks, the fresher the seed, the faster it will germinate. Remove the foil from the pot. Lemon water as drying of the upper soil layer. Water for irrigation is necessary to defend for completely removing the chlorine compounds, detrimental to the lemon. Better if the water will be warm. Do not forget that the lemons still South of the plant.
A tree of bones grows quickly, in 2-3 years it can reach half a meter in height and more. But this citrus fruit will begin very soon. You will have to wait 10-15 years to get the first small fruit. To get your own lemons in the very near future, the plant must instill cultural handle. In this case, it is 2-3 years will be able to give the first crop.
If the stalk is to acquire nowhere, you begin to gradually trim the crown of the seedling. Tree first, it will look neater, and secondly, you make it to the formation of new shoots. 5-6 shoots fine - the ones that you need. They wilding lemon forms the first of the ovary. Many plant-lovers don't know about this features lemon trees, so I can't wait for the harvest years, or even decades.
In winter, transfer the lemon to a cool room and give it a dormant period in the summer and return to the usual place. Care for the tree with love, and it will definitely please you with fragrant yellow fruit.