Advice 1: Why not bloom chestnut

Flowering chestnut - an amazing sight. However, this plant is quite demanding on the temperature and humidity. If environmental conditions are not suitable for chestnut, it just won't bloom. Best chestnuts feel pairs or in single crop, do not try to create a group composition, it may be detrimental to the health of trees.
Blooming chestnut
Perhaps your chestnut begins to flower due to the fact that he was a little place. Chestnuts do not tolerate overcrowding. When planting, try to select one plant circumference, a component of diameter at least three meters. This will give the chestnut a space for proper growth and development. In close planting the plants begin to compete with each other, fight for territory, so are not in bloom. Experts say that after a while a few plants will perish under the onslaught of the neighbors, and the rest will continue to gain momentum, and only after that they will start to bloom.
Another reason for the lack of flowering may be a lack of heat. It all depends on the grade of your chestnut. For example, horse chestnut can delight you with their blooms even under conditions of a cool spring, but if your site is edible chestnut, they need a minimum temperature of 15 -18 ° C, otherwise they will not bloom. Plus chestnut that it is enough just a couple of warm days so that he could build up the color.
If chestnut is young and does not want to start flowering, so the plant just has not yet formed. You should wait. The minimum age for flowering horse chestnut - 10 years, and for other types this figure can be more, and an average of 15 seasons. If you believe that your chestnut is already reached the required age, you need to look for another cause for the lack of flowering. Maybe it's the lack of moisture. Chestnut loves water. Sometimes candle buds appear on the plant, but never disclosed. This may indicate dry air and soil.
There is a plant called castanospermum. It can be grown at home. This variety of chestnut tree in nature it blooms for six months, but the room conditions it is impossible to achieve. The fact that the apartments castanospermum not bloom at all, except in some unique cases, so if you are the owner of this variety of chestnut, do not try to get him to blossom at home.
Humidity for chestnut should be at least 40-60 %, with lower figures the plant does not survive and die.
Useful advice
If you haven't had the experience of growing chestnuts on your site, then start to plant horse chestnut. It's less whimsical kind of plant.

Advice 2: Why blooms water

In summer, this phenomenon can be observed not only in aquariums but also in small ponds of the Park area and even on the shores of rivers. The transparent water becomes muddy green, and soon all becomes a bright green color, resembling a large puddle of radioactive paint. What is associated with algal blooms and how to deal with this phenomenon on their own garden plot?
Why blooms water

Flowering of water in ponds – nothing like an intense multiplication of protozoa algae. They are present in ordinary water, but in smaller number. But if conditions for reproduction are favorable: a large amount of sunlight, nutrients, and a sufficiently high temperature, harmless kids begin to multiply, filling all available space. Any pond very quickly loses its aesthetic quality, but if you keep the fish or ornamental plants, the flowering can easily cause disease or mass death of your Pets.

Single and multicellular algae the same as the usual algae, fed by photosynthesis, so it is not surprising that from the abundance of sunlight the number of reservoirs increases markedly. To avoid flowering in the still water of the pond, barrel or aquarium, it is necessary to shade them from direct sunlight. In water you can put more bottom algae with long stems, which will create additional shading and provide a simple natural competition. A barrel or a small suburban pond is possible at the time of intense heat and the scorching heat close boards or special screens. Initially it is best to place such objects where there is little shade.

Algal blooms depends not only on its temperature and composition. As with any algae, the perpetrators of turbidity actively fix nitrogen out of the water, fat from it nor by days, but by hours. Therefore, if you notice that the water reservoir with fish water suddenly began to bloom for no apparent reason, it is necessary to verify the presence of nitrates. Perhaps you excessively feed your fish and uneaten food and excrement exceeds the neutral value. Also one of the reasons for the dramatic flowering of water can be flushing of nitrates from the nearest lawn. Try to apply fertilizer carefully, especially if there is a nearby pond.

Today there are special medications that clean water from the simplest algae, but to use them required special care, as they can have an impact on other participants in the biocenosis of your pond. First try to solve the problem on its own, replacing some of the water, arranging the shading and the bottom is cleaned from dirt and residues. Remember that the pond's natural biological system, which is able to regulate internal balance. Give it time, pretty soon everything will be back to normal.

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