If you want to plant coconut, the first difficulty that you will face will be the purchase of seed. Regular coconut sold in the supermarket, you are unlikely to germinate. The fact that eating coconuts off the tree at maturity stage. Also ripe coconut has a hard inedible pulp, and the liquid inside it becomes not a very pleasant smell.
The way out can be a coconut brought from southern latitudes who had to ripen and fall to the ground. But in this case, do not get too flattered. Coconut tree under natural conditions grows to 30 meters, it is difficult to imagine the room in which she was able to fit. Besides, after a couple years most of the shoots of the coconut palm does not withstand the conditions at home and dies.
If the above arguments have still not scared, you are in a flower shop stumbled on a sprouted coconut and want to try to tame it, or you brought a ripe coconut from the South, then why not.
Immerse the coconut in half in moist peat soft eye up, cover with plastic wrap, create a temperature of about 25°C and start to wait. Periodically ventilate the fruit to prevent mildew. To germinate a coconut will be a long time, from 2 months and up to six months. But then it will quickly go to growth.
Pot for coconut plants need to be large, no less than 12-15 liters. The soil should contain about 40% sand and you will have to constantly maintain a high humidity and temperature. Due to the dry air of the coconut can brown leaf tips. Too hard water can also cause damage to leaves. On the other hand, the overflow for coconut, too, the roots of plants begin to rot.
As you can see, the cultivation of coconut is not easy, and the chances of success are not so great. But if you still manage to grow a palm tree from a coconut, you with confidence can be attributed to the professionals among growers.