To contact the management company passport guy, because his duty to execute documents for registration, to transfer them to the Federal migration service and issue to the applicant a certificate of provisional registration.
You want to write a letter with a request to register with the address and for how long. The application form approved by the Government, samples of their filling are placed on the stands in the FMS or the Internet site of the FMS of Russia.
The applicant shall submit a document proving the identity.
Attached to the application document that is the basis for living, for example, the agreement with the owner of the apartment, the statement of the employer.
If the apartment is used for residential purposes on the basis of social tenancy agreement, consent to the registration is required to not only employer, but all cohabiting family members.
The registration statement can be sent through the website WWW.GOSUSLUGI.RU or by mail. A certificate of registration under the instruction of the applicant may be sent by mail.