Creating mail - process short-lived, moreover, it will help to arrange in your mind all through. Get a different email boxes for work, personal correspondence, registration for newsletters, etc.
Define the service. It's convenient to create a new email on the service that you already use, but if it is something you are not satisfied, you are recommended to choose among the most popular:, Google, Yandex.
Note that "" convenient for communication in a social network "My world" and provides the opportunity to ask questions to which other users will immediately respond. However, more suited for business "Yandex" and "Google".
Log on to the registration page of the selected service and choose new login. If the box is designed to work, then the best option would be to use your name and surname for the mailbox name.
Enter the password. It can be the same as in the previous email, to make it easier to remember. But the use of identical password can lead to unpleasant consequences and cracking. Therefore, it is safer to use a "password Manager" (e.g., Last Pass, One Pass)
Enter all your details which is required by the system for registration. It's okay if they are the same as on the last page. However, if you want to link mobile to e-mail, you can do it better with a SIM card that has not been used for this purpose.
Install mail transfer agent (client) to your computer or gadget. This program will help you in the work of gathering from all accounts for new messages. Besides, any mail client has a lot of features that will allow you to customize the program.