Spread your feet wider than shoulder width while maintaining a steady position. Feet should be parallel to each other, socks look forward. Hands abut to the belt or adjust ourselves to make it easier to maintain balance. Move the center of gravity on the right leg, bending it at the knee. At the bottom point of the exercise, the knee should be over the foot, and the thigh to form parallel with the floor. By noting the position, return to starting position. Do 10-20 repetitions, and then do one approach with the left foot
Stand up straight, feet together. Make a wide step back with your right foot, lowering knee toward floor, but not touching it. For a second hold at the bottom point of the exercise: the knee of the right leg should be directly above the toe, not stepping forward, the back retains its natural curve, and the chin raised. Then return to starting position and take a lunge with the left foot. All you should perform 10-20 repetitions.
Lie on your right side on a gym Mat. Make the emphasis on the elbow and the palm of his left hand, located at the level of the abdomen. The right leg should be slightly bent at the knee, and left foot to put on a chair or stool. Lift your pelvis up, leaning on the straightened left leg and both hands. Try not to arch your back and take the pelvis. Do the maximum amount of repetitions,then turn over on your left side and make another approach.
Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees, and both feet on a stool or chair. Tighten your buttocks and lift your pelvis as high up as possible. The movement should be smooth, without jerks. Ensure that your back "went" on the floor, and the blade remained pressed against him. If the exercise seems too easy, let's complicate it by raising not only the pelvis but also one straightened leg alternately. Do 30-40 repetitions.