To begin, prepare your shoes for painting. To do this, cleaning leather products. Remove all grease and dust. This procedure can be done independently. For this you will need: soap and a glass of warm water.
Dissolve soap in warm water and rinse with this solution the surface of the Shoe.
Try not to miss a single crease. Also for cleaning leather articles sell special cleaning products. You can buy them in a specialty store.
After cleaning the shoes, allow to dry. Remember: the leather cannot be dried in the hot sun and the battery, as it doesn't like fast drying. In this case, it will become more hard and tough. Make sure that the shoes dry completely, even in areas of seams.
Choose a special paint for leather products. Pay special attention to the level of its durability. The result should delight you for many years. The preference for liquid dyes which are made water-based. They have virtually no odor, dries quickly and evenly over the surface. Moreover, this paint is easy to use.
Staining. This procedure is best done on the floor, bed, unnecessary in advance of the newspaper in several layers. Paint the preferred ordinary kitchen sponge. To do this, apply a bit of paint and gently RUB it on the shoes with circular movements. Make the layer thin. Process start from the nose to the heel of the product, painting small surfaces. Pay special attention to the seams, as it is in these places often remain poorly painted areas.
After dyeing, leave the shoes for about 12-15 hours until complete drying of the product. After that, wipe it with a damp cloth. Are your shoes ready for use!