You will need
  • The computer game "S. T. A. L. K. E. R. Shadow of Chernobyl", the quest "find the weapon dolgovtsa",own guns and lots of ammo
Start the game and take the job on search of the weapon dolgovtsa. After that, open the PDA and look at the map. An icon representing the location of the desired object is on the location of the "Dark Valley" (although it can move to other locations).
Go to the location "Dark Valley". When you enter, re-open the PDA on the map and find the factory complex, then go for it.
Reaching plant log in with one of the two parties - through the main entrance (metal gate between two towers) or through the "black" (tube at the small swamp on the opposite side of the gate). It is advisable to do it quietly, otherwise you will immediately notice the bandits inhabiting it.
Destroy the bandits in the territory of the plant. Then inspect the corpses, your goal bandit named Friar, next to the corpse (or in inventory) where you will find the weapon. This machine Abakan with a grenade launcher.
If the plant that bandit was not look around. A thug with a weapon the target is moving through the location. Find him, destroy and take his gun. Bring it to the owner.