Advice 1: How to find a doctor in the game, Stalker: Apocalypse

Apocalypse mod for the game STALKER came to taste a considerable number of gamers, largely due to the extensive and interesting line of quests with the obvious complexity of the. One of the tasks requires to find the swamp doctor and causes some difficulties even to the experienced inhabitants of the Area. In reality, the NPC is much simpler and more obvious than it might seem at first glance.
How to find a doctor in the game, Stalker: Apocalypse
Storyline Supplement "Apocalypse" is partly built on the chronology of events books V. Smith and A. Kalugin. One of the heroes of fashion, the famous and mysterious Swamp Doctor, gunner's mate and a representative of the class of Phantoms Zone. In the study of anomalous territories the main character gets to General Voronin, the head of the group "Debt", which asks to find the Swamp Doctor and get it from him information about the group "Apocalypse" and how to combat it.

Looking for a Dr. in the "Agroprom"

Players familiar with the plot of the game S. T. A. L. K. E. R. Shadow of Chernobyl know that the Doctor was the assistant and patron of the shooter. Perhaps this is the only lead on the basis of which you can successfully find the doctor, although some managed to come to him purely by chance. Characteristically, information about the location of this NPC in the story is not given any.

As you may recall from the events of the original game, the Doctor shared with the group, Arrow with information and equipment through caches located in the dungeons of Agroprom. The entrance to the location is via a manhole, which is located 400 metres to the Southeast from the base of the group "the Debt," according to "Shadow of Chernobyl", or complex of buildings in the South-West of the territory of Agroprom.

Down in the dungeon the player enters a small hallway which leads into the hall with communications. Moving along the left wall from the entrance leads into a second hallway, similar to the first, but littered with all sorts of garbage. After going through it the player will be released in the small space of the manifold, and then into the main tunnel, which turns the arc at a slight angle.

Almost at the end of the tunnel on the left wall in a ventilation shaft with protruding fan: this is the entrance to the hiding place an Arrow where the Swamp Doctor. He will talk about the need to join groups in the face of new danger.

The elimination of the bug with game crash

Almost everyone has difficulty getting to the location "Dungeons Sri Agroprom". When moving to a new location the game crashes with a critical error. It's a minor bug fashion designers, and to correct it is quite simple. You must open the directory with the game and continue on the path gamedata\textures\wpn. The last folder is a file "SUSAT-AMK-N. dds' that you want to rename in the "SUSAT-AMK-T. dds"

Bonuses search

The efforts of the player in search of Dr. Marsh will be rewarded in the best way. The arrow in the cache has a cache, which is hidden in the floor, against a wall with a radiator. On finding the cache may take several minutes, but the result will justify all expectations.

Advice 2: Stalker: secret paths-2 — where to find Fang

In the fashion of "Secret Paths" for the game "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl" component of well thought out fights with the enemy, sometimes with the head captures the main character and distract him from tracking the plot. That's why the players often lose track, which should lead them to the key character, the Stalker, nicknamed Fang.
Stalker: secret paths-2 — where to find Fang
Mod "Secret Paths" is the prequel to "Shadow of Chernobyl" and highlights the main events of the Zone before the off Shot of "brain Burner". In the game, as the heroes of history are all stalkers from the group Arrow: Swamp Doctor, Ghost and, of course, Fang, finding that some players are having problems with. Meanwhile, to find Fang is not difficult, if you know some mod features.

Familiarity with the Fang

For the first time the main character meets up with Fang in Pripyat, after a search of documents in the hopper and multiple military clashes with the adherents of the "Monolith". To get the first quest to find Fang after a conversation with a Ghost. He directs the Arrow to its companion, with the purpose to assist him, promising that he will be able to hold on to the swamp.

Fang is on the same floor, but opposite side of the building. In this game there is a bug that is activated when the dialog with NPCs and the game with a critical error. You can install the appropriate fix, and you can just save before the conversation: the bug does not always work.

With partner before moving to the swamp, while carefully guarding the Shooter learns that the Ghost asks back to him for reward. After the re-transition to the swamps Fang disappears in an unknown direction, and the player continues the execution of the main line quests.

Fang is captured by mercenaries

In order to find the missing Fang, the player must be performed by quest lab X16. This is another drawback of the developers left to keep the sequence of the main quest chain. In the dungeon X16 slots player need to find the laptop that is hidden on the top ledge of bizarre instrument. It looks like autoclave from the final video "Shadow of Chernobyl", only set vertically.

When the laptop was found, in the task list, more information appears to indicate that Fang is in the thrall mercenaries. The player must go to the location Bar and go with the base bandits from the wild territories. In the wastelands of a ruined hamlet, located a couple of kilometers from the Bar.

On the farm is eight mercenaries, most of them in the reinforced armor or exoskeletons. Therefore it is useful to stock up on armor-piercing ammunition for your weapons. Cleaning the area from invaders, the Shooter receives an update of the quest and have to talk to Fang. NPS is the only stone building on the farm, in the Central room.
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