Advice 1: Where to find the exoskeleton in the game "Stalker: shadow of Chernobyl"

The passage of the "S. T. A. L. K. E. R: Shadow of Chernobyl" becomes more interesting with each new object found in the game. Only replacing the shotgun for a hunting rifle, you begin to realize its benefits in a skirmish with a herd of wild boars or family of bloodsuckers. Only dressed in a suit "SOWING", you can do quests in places where it is impossible to get into the bandit jacket. Only after securing the exoskeleton, you can become a human tank, but tanks also have their weaknesses.
Radiation area
In all official parts of the S. T. A. L. K. E. R exoskeleton is the most resistant to physical attacks armor. In terms of the game, it is a metal external skeleton with electrical and hydraulic servos. Design worn on the body of a Stalker, repeats and amplifies his movements. In the story, rare instances of armor appeared in the exclusion zone through the efforts of the Ukrainian underground, unknown artists. With the passage of the official version of the game "S. T. A. L. K. E. R: Shadow of Chernobyl," the main character is given only a small number of points where you can get a suit like that.
Feature from the description in the game: "an Experimental model of military exoskeleton. Serial production did not get, in view of the extreme cost and some design faults."

Where to find the exoskeleton

In game version 1.0004 or later, you can buy protection from the Bartender in the location Bar. To look after the correct completion of the task in the "Lab X-16". Reservation price - 200 000 coins. To put together this amount in the "Zone" long.

In game version 1.0006 is not below the exoskeleton can be purchased from the Svoboda Miser in the location "Army depots". There is a sale after successful completion of the task from Lukas for the destruction of the detachment of the Skull. The price of the exoskeleton from Skinflint is also 200 000 coins. If to carry out tasks for the destruction of Pavlik with Ara, the protection of "Barrier" and join the "Freedom", the price will drop to 150 000 coins.

"Khabar Fang" is in the tomb Stalker named Fang, in the center of the location "Pripyat", near the monument to Lenin. After Stripping the streets with a group of stalkers need to go in the direction of the electro-anomalies, not down into the underpass. The place where the hidden exoskeleton with a pumped version of the night vision device PNB-4У3 marked grave cross. The cache coordinates give stalkers near the trailer, where are performed the measurements on the instructions of scientists, in the location of "amber". Sometimes the coordinates can be read during the search of the dead man in the dungeons under |a"Laboratory X-16".

In the location of "Chernobyl". In "Sarcophagus" in one of the corridors there is a fork at the end of which are two members of the group "Monolith", armed with shotguns. After their elimination, turn left and search the room with the pipes. It contains a box of useful things, artifacts and exoskeleton.

In the location of "Chernobyl", for door with a combination lock. Decoder door at Chernobyl hidden in the location "Pripyat" on the second floor of the hotel. The coordinates of the cache decoder will appear in PDA after the explosion of the protagonist on the banner and talk with the Doctor. The hotel itself is located opposite the underground passage, after kindergarten.

In the location of "Chernobyl", immediately after the descent to the Sarcophagus, there is a winding corridor, where the left will have a meeting room with bars. You need to go past this room to the end of the corridor, where is located another room. If you go into it and go down to the basement, it is possible to find the exoskeleton in the box.

Behind the building of the Chernobyl NPP, under the pipe. About a hundred meters to the true ending of the game where the main character shoots "On-Consciousness" and falls asleep in a meadow.

From the beginning of history will have to find a way of dealing with "Area" using more simple equipment. The game developers give you the opportunity to find good weapons and the exoskeleton was only towards the middle of the story to balance out the gameplay with the realism of survival.

The pros and cons of the exoskeleton

Through the use of unique shielding materials, hydraulic and electric actuators, the exoskeleton in "Shadow of Chernobyl" got the walking tank. According to the description, the exoskeleton in the game "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl" has the following properties:

- protection against burns: 50%;
- Protection against electric shock: 50%;
- Shock protection: 90%;
- Protection from explosions: 80%;
- Radiation protection: 30%;
- Protection against chemical burns: 50%;
- Protection from explosions: 80%;
- Protection from bullets: 60%;

Weight: 15 kg.

The main purpose of the exoskeleton is protection from bullets, splinters, bumps and breaks. These properties are good for reflection of attacks of the "Monolith" to "Barrier" or bandits on the camp of stalkers, hunting for Snork or bloodsuckers. Fully modified exoskeleton in the game can withstand a single hit from an RPG and shot five shots from a shotgun. It is not suitable to search for artifacts, gaining territory with a large number of anomalies and high radiation background.

The main problem of the exoskeleton, it's his lack of agility. In this armor you can't run, which is a headache of a player in anomalous zones. When injected into the anomaly of "Funnel" or "Springboard" can restart your game from the last save point because out will not work. When hit by a sudden cross-fire in an open space, in search of shelter will have to use a large number of bandages and first aid kits. The exoskeleton is impossible to accelerate to jump over a cleft or a failure in the floor of the building.
Feature from the description in the game: "Provides excellent protection against bullet and shrapnel hits, but does not guarantee resistance to anomalies."

The suit allows you to move the 90 kg of useful things, including spare weapons and ammo. Even with such an attractive carrying capacity, it is inappropriate to apply the exoskeleton in the real work of the Stalker. If you really want to come out of the shadows, to get more ammo, and war of the soul, the exoskeleton — the best game world of "Stalker". As said Boris Strugatsky: Stalker is one of the few ABS of invented words become commonly used. It occurs from the English to the stalk, which means "to creep", "to go on the prowl".

The main fun in the game is to perform the most difficult quests, applying the optimally balanced set of "armor-weapons-artifacts". Walk around the area not armored piece of iron with machine guns, and an invisible Stalker with the "Addict", a bottle of Cossacks and the supply of sausage.

Advice 2: Where in the game "Stalker" to find Morgan's PDA

Among other tasks in the game "Stalker: Call of Pripyat", the player will meet the job search CCP Morgan. Depending on what the player to search for the PDA and whose side he will take, the game's plot will evolve accordingly.
Where in the game "Stalker" to find Morgan's PDA

Search PDA of Morgan playing for stalkers

Playing on the side of stalkers, negotiate with the bandits about the attack on the Stalker group on the ship "Shevchenko". To do this, talk with a thug named Knuckles and agree to go with them to the robbery. Once you arrive to "Shevchenko", wait until the bandits will begin to discuss a plan to capture the ship and notify your stalkers. Help them to repel the attack.

Agree with the Stalker Beard about the failure of the gang of the sale of weapons. Go to the forest along with a group of stalkers and surround the bandits and merchants. When the commander of stalkers Spartak will give the command, shoot mercenaries and bandits. Try to make characters who gave you the orders, survived the shooting. In the event of their death, no one will give you a reward. Kill dolgovtsa in the exoskeleton, search it and take away with the corpse of the CPC.

Search PDA of Morgan, playing for the bandits

Playing on the side of the bandits, head to the ship "Shevchenko". Not warn stalkers about the assault and fire support gang brass Knuckles. Together with criminals kill all the stalkers and report about the victory of the Sultan.

After the destruction of the stalkers take the Sultan a new job for criminals to buy the guns. Together with the bandits go to the forest, go behind them into the building for a meeting with the dealer. When they attack stalkers and Morgan thinks that he was betrayed, shot from Morgan's mercenaries and stalkers. Try to keep as many of the bandits managed to survive in a shootout. After destroying those, and others, immediately rushed to search the corpse of Morgana in search of a PDA. If you are late, the body will search some thug and take the PDA itself. To find it then becomes very difficult.

Search PDA of Morgan, playing for the dealer

After the support of the bandits on the ship "Shevchenko", talk to the dealer on behalf of Owl living on "Skadovsk". Take his job for the protection of the merchant grouping "Debt" named Morgan. Arriving at the forest, look where Morgan and his mercenaries, and get ready to protect him.

When, after the arrival of the bandits and the stalkers will try to derail the deal, hide away and wait until the warring parties kill each other. Then finish the survivors and pick up the trophies from the bodies.

Another option is to protect Morgana and destroy and bandits, and stalkers. Subsequently, when the player gets to the station "Midsummer" and will be attacked by mercenaries around, on the corpse of their leader, found the PDA, where it will be seen that the task to kill the hero gave Morgan.

Having met at the station blackmail him with this recording and convince them to take you to the warehouse Debt. Once on the way to the warehouse to ambush, kill Morgan and the attackers then take from his body the desired PDA.

Advice 3: Shadow of Chernobyl: where to find the artifact "night star"

"Night star" is a product anomaly "jump" in the Zone is quite rare. This artifact of the third level can be sold for good money, but it is better to use it for their own purposes. To find such a miracle in the game STALKER "Shadow of Chernobyl", you need to have information about its prior location.
 "night star" - an artifact of the third level
For stalkers "night star" - almost a legendary artifact. Although small arms in the Area not the biggest danger, the artifact gives good protection from bullets in warfare. Bullet resistance of the artifact has a negative compensation: the "Star" noticeably upset, but because to use it without the presence of the zone of artifacts from "frying" at least unwise.

"Night star" - the reward for quest to find the traitor

The first "Night star" player can obtain when visiting the location of "Bar", taking the quest from Stalker with the nickname Bald. This guy is in a standard Stalker with kombeza AKSU behind, which tells the sentimental story of a failed campaign on the Radar with your friends.

Bald tells also how he was involved in the RAID for artifacts, but, despite the concomitant good fortune to have been deceived by one of the members of the band that night took away all the swag and sell it to the Bartender. The goal of the quest is to find and eliminate the traitor that constantly resides on the territory of the military warehouses in the camp of individuals. Not to spoil your reputation, you can drive up to the victim any explosive object (a red barrel or gas cylinder), and then blow it up. The reward for this quest will be the same artifact "Night star".

Artifacts at the research Institute of agriculture

As already mentioned, the "Night star" appears in the anomalies springboard, but not all. Most fertile is the accumulation of anomalies on the southern edge of Sri Agroprom, where there are old dilapidated gate. In this place you can find two artifacts, but very often they appear in enclosure, where a tight cluster of anomalous formations and strong background radiation. In the end, having equipment of the ecologist, it is possible without much loss not only to collect on the infected area two "Night star", but to get hold of "Medusa" two or three "Stone flowers".

Pripyat - Klondike artifacts

Stalkers not in vain believed that the reach of Pripyat, there's a whole field of artifacts, and rare and very expensive. Indeed, on the first arrival to Pripyat, the player is faced with the infamous "Klondike": artifacts are common and densely behind them no need to go into the abnormal area and hot spots. On the territory of Pripyat, the player may find four "Night of stars".

One artifact is right next to the totem the religious who pray the followers the Monolith. Hurry to destroy them is not necessary: eventually, the player will get the corresponding quest to clean up, causing is possible to achieve two goals at once.

Several artifacts will be waiting for the main character on the way to Chernobyl. Two "Night of stars" can be found among anomalies in garages, on the southern outskirts of the stadium. Another artifact is located on the North side running track in the stadium. To access the garage will require serious armor, because there densely accumulated gravitational anomalies. The stadium is always a stray herd Snork, and therefore, do not fit a shotgun with ammunition type "zekan".
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