Take 6 sheets writing white A4 paper and fold them in half. Cut cover size 210 x 298 mm out of more construction paper and also fold it in half. Put all the leaves into each other, the top put on the cover. Sewing needle make the folding line of the two pairs of through holes, retreating from the edges of the paper to 2-3 cm In each pair the distance between the holes take 1 see Take 2 staples from the stapler or a couple of pieces of thin wire, thread the ends from the cover into the holes and clamp, opening the notebook in the middle. Then the notebook fold and cut the sheets to size of the cover.
If you have a stapler, you can make a notebookNotepad. For this 10 sheets of paper fold in half and cut all the sheets at the fold line. Cut from construction paper two sheets size 210 x 149 mm. Paper stack by putting the top and bottom denser leaves, and punch 5-6 times on the short side with a stapler.
If you need the notebook thicker, then there can not do without a needle with sturdy thread. Take 18 sheets of writing paper, fold each in half. A single sheet of the same size cut out of heavy paper for the cover. Stepping on the fold line from each edge of 3 cm, a pencil and mark two points at a distance of 1 cm from each other on all sheets. Each point of the puncture needle, including those printed on the cover. Pass the needle double thread and sew a notebook at the punctured points in two places. Thread tie a strong knot. Trim the overhanging leaves at the edge of the cover.