Create an electronic resume in a Microsoft Word document. The file should be called name of the name, e.g. "Иванов.doc". This will make it easier to find your resume.
Note that in large companies and agencies electronic resume often, they are preprocessed using special programs that eliminate unnecessary, analyzing key words, experience and age. It will be useful to ask in advance settings selection and be guided by them.
Collect summary standard, easy-to-read font, such as Arial, with a size of at least 10. Do not use the special and specific characters – they may not be supported by PC software staff Manager. Do not back up the file resume – not the fact that someone else's computer, your letter will be able to decompress and read.
Write a cover letter. Avoid superfluous and flowery expressions, write simply and succinctly, for example: "Dear Manager! Applying for the post of lead Manager. Summary attached. Sincerely, Sergey Ivanov". It is an error to send a resume without a cover letter such investments are often not even considered.
Before you send resume, make sure that you have made all the required information about themselves and indicated the position you are applying for. Summary is not an essay, its style should be as brief and to the point. Clearly list all significant data, highlighting some key moments. Welcome as the allocation of sub-headings and headings but do not overdo it with different styles.
Check out the summary on literacy, at least in the editor Microsoft Word. The presence of spelling and punctuation errors will not contribute to the image of business, erudite, hard-working person.
Before sending an electronic resume to a prospective employer, do a test send to a home or any other Inbox, and make sure that the text is opened and read.