The most popular site for posting summary - Headhunter. Here every day there is a huge amount of new vacancies. In addition, compared with other sites, Headhunter offers the most high-paying job. For students and graduates without work experience there is a special subsection - Outwardly, it would like an independent website but it is "tied" to a Headhunter. On the Headhunter also come across vacancies for students and graduates without work experience - with job search, you can select "no experience."
The next popular site - It is followed by and The latest offer, first, less paying job, and secondly, there is a greater risk to get feedback on your resume from unfair employer, has long been in the "black list" of employers. Especially this "famous" However, here you can find a decent offer: some quite prestigious companies of the "old way" post jobs on and www.rabota.rubecause it was originally the most popular sites for job search and employees - before the Headhunter.
If you have chosen the site or sites you can go to the actual location of the summary. At each site there is a special button "post summary", "create summary" or "summary". You must first fill in the row with the job title and desired salary, and personal information - name, date of birth, gender, place of residence, telephone and/or e-mail. It is worth remembering that a good summary - a detailed summary, so it is better to specify all your data, especially means of communication with you. If you posted a summary of a telephone number, it increases its efficiency significantly. As for home address, here it is enough to specify the nearest metro station.
Next is usually followed by information about your education. Be sure to specify all the places where you studied (refers to University, College or universities, and courses, internships, etc.). The more filled this topic is, the better impression it will make on an employer. Certainly not for every profession need a College degree, much less a few, but still having a good education is a definite plus. If you are a student, note that you have incomplete higher education.
In the "experience" specify all your jobs, starting with the most recent - i.e., where they work now. It is necessary to specify not only the name of each place of employment, but his profile because the entry "place of work" - OOO "Romashka" does not contain information about what is involved in OOO "Romashka", and this may be important for the employer. Also indicate your job title and what you did on that job, what were your achievements (if any). Those who have not worked, you should specify the place where you interned while studying.
Special attention should be paid to the column "skills". Even if your experience is modest, you may have important for the desirable work skills, for example, excellent computer knowledge, knowledge of foreign languages. Please mention these skills if you feel that for your specialty they are secondary. Should list all the skills you have acquired at previous jobs and relevant to your specialty.
In the "personal qualities" specify a standard set of qualities necessary for your profession. For example, a sales Manager important interpersonal skills for Secretary - Executive. It is always possible to specify such qualities as responsibility, ability to work in team, creative approach to solving problems, result-oriented work. Don't be afraid to embellish reality - without this your resume may simply not notice.
In some forms summary it is proposed to answer questions such as Hobbies, attitude to religion, having children, etc. typically, this section is optional, for the accommodation summary is enough to fill it to a minimum. If the employer is really important to know about you such personal information, it will ask it at the interview.