Try to create a clearly structured form summary. Separate one section of information about themselves from the other feature or indentation. Do not try as much detail as possible to present information about their personal qualities, present the dry facts, they will speak for themselves. Create summary in Word, the file can open on any computer.
In the first part of the summary will present a brief information about yourself: name, place of birth and residential address, contact numbers and email address.
Specify the purpose of writing and sending resumes, namely getting the position and on position. Do not write that you do not mind getting a job in the logistics and insurance companies, Bank or consulting firm, a very different organization, even if you have experience in any of them. If you are sending your CV to a specific employer, clearly specify the purpose of, for example, "getting a job leading expert of Department on work with corporate clients".
List the experience in the next section summary. Start with present or most recent job, write an accurate job title. A list imagine the duties that you performed. We pay more attention to those which are directly connected with your potential position in the new organization.
Make a list of all the educational institutions where you received education. Start with the most recent. Accurately list the name of the faculty, obtained speciality.
Specify your skills in the work with computer programs, and foreign languages that you know. Explain to what extent you own them.
Tell us about your personal qualities. Focus on those that, in your opinion, will attract a potential employer. You should not write in summary, the purpose of which is to obtain a work specialist in the analytical Department of that you are, for example, lose the will at the sound of the violin.
Write a letter to the personnel Department of the organization you are considering as a future place of work. Write what interests you and attach your resume. Do not write multi-page text, the employer will be able to appreciate you and your professionalism in person. In a letter theme necessarily specify what kind of job it is.
Send resume by email, please call the personnel Department of the organization and make sure that your letter is received, and not included in unsolicited email (spam).