Before you begin writing your summary, imagine yourself the head of the organization. How do you see the employee in this position? Try to identify in yourself those qualities and show achievements that are important to this work. But it is not necessary to invent and attribute to false, because in the future it will reveal.
The post in summary, you must specify clearly, that is exactly the one for which you are applying, for example, if you came for an interview for the position of accountant, resume should not be "economist". It is also very important to familiarize yourself with all the requirements of the employer and the maximum amount to summary close to them. The more you match, the higher the chances of success.
Next, you need to specify a previous job, and to specify their needs in a chronological order, starting with the latter. Education is written in the same order, in this section, you must specify the year of study, the name of the institution, Department and profession. If you have finished some courses, then that's a plus, and should fit.
When writing a resume should not indicate extra information, this will only overload it. It is enough to specify the basic qualities and achievements. But a small amount of information could be intimidating to the employer, because it can cause your professionalism or an indicator of laziness.
Don't forget to specify your data, namely: name, first name, middle name and all contact numbers. Watch out for literacy summary if you think that the employer is not looking, mistaken. Just ignorance and catches the eye first. To scare the employer and a large number of listed Hobbies and Hobbies. Better focus on personal qualities, for example, you can specify the availability of rights.
Filling section on desired salary, carefully analyze and think, as "exorbitant" amount can scare your employer, but too low – minded to the idea that as a professional you no, since that low value their work. Select "Golden mean".
There are also some items that in no event it is impossible to specify, for example, do not write "do not speak foreign languages". It is necessary to write only in case if the template has a point.
And remember that the summary should be easy-to-read.