You will need
  • White spirit and ammonia, salt and gasoline, rough PU sponge and tooth powder, soda and warm milk.
Remove sweat stains and grease from the collar of the jacket using the following tools: 1 part mineral spirits and 1 part ammonia. Or, 3 part salt, 1 part ammonia to 50 parts of water.
"Shiny" place on the outer clothing (including collars), remove with a cloth soaked in a mixture of gasoline with a small amount of ammonia. Or RUB with a brush dipped in vinegar.
Collar jacket made of suede should be cleaned rough artificial sponge or a piece of rubberized fabric. You can use a mixture of baking soda with hot milk (per Cup of milk - 1 teaspoon baking soda). A fresh grease stain, sprinkle the tooth powder and scrub with a soft brush.
For removing greasy stains from the collar of a jacket, use onions. Grate it fresh cut onions. If heavily soiled, repeat this procedure several times.