Advice 1: How to clean collar jacket

Cleaning clothes today, a popular service in all developed countries. To carry the thing to the dry cleaner is the simple solution. But, not all things need and can be subjected to chemical cleaning. Many women do not risk to hand over an expensive clothes (leather jackets and coats, coats) to such processing. And prefer to remove contamination in the home. One of the difficult procedures is the cleaning of greasy collars have outerwear. There are several options how to get rid of this problem.
How to clean collar jacket
You will need
  • White spirit and ammonia, salt and gasoline, rough PU sponge and tooth powder, soda and warm milk.
Remove sweat stains and grease from the collar of the jacket using the following tools: 1 part mineral spirits and 1 part ammonia. Or, 3 part salt, 1 part ammonia to 50 parts of water.
"Shiny" place on the outer clothing (including collars), remove with a cloth soaked in a mixture of gasoline with a small amount of ammonia. Or RUB with a brush dipped in vinegar.
Collar jacket made of suede should be cleaned rough artificial sponge or a piece of rubberized fabric. You can use a mixture of baking soda with hot milk (per Cup of milk - 1 teaspoon baking soda). A fresh grease stain, sprinkle the tooth powder and scrub with a soft brush.
For removing greasy stains from the collar of a jacket, use onions. Grate it fresh cut onions. If heavily soiled, repeat this procedure several times.
Do not remove the sweat stains and grease on suede with gasoline or solvent.
Useful advice
Cleaning leather clothing exercise regularly. Remove dirt and dust that accumulate during daily wear. Wipe the garment with a damp cloth or with mild soap and water (depending on contamination).
Before you begin the removal of dirt, determine action pjatnovyvodjashchego means for the fabric and its color. Apply the product on an inconspicuous area of the garment (inner seam or the inside pocket).
Print the contamination in good light, better in daylight.

Advice 2: Processing technology turn-down collar

The collar piece of clothing, which decorates the neckline. Turn-down collar is the most commonly used style, it is suitable to many types of products. As this item is on the mind, it is important to sew it neatly.
Processing technology turn-down collar

Primaqiune women's flat collar

Turndown collars are the women's flat and at the front. A way to connect the fold-over collar to the neck depends on the shape of cut that detail. Women's flat gate will have plenty of two parts – upper and lower. The lower part of the strengthen of the adhesive interlining to give it shape. Fold the details right sides inside and vacate, paving the line on the edge and leaving not a jotted lower section. Trim allowances, cut corners diagonally. Remove the workpiece and proutyuzhte it.

A simple way to primaqiune collar to the collar – attach it between the product and the internal podkralas the facing and astrocyte. At the lower edge of the collar will catch on gumption, cementing the ends overlap. Pin it pins to the front side of the product. Take a facing, attach it to face the inside of the mouth and chipped, sew on the machine all the layers. Pins remove the seam trim, the facing, remove the product, athlete and attrocites, closing the seam primaqiune. Open cut piping overlarge or fold and sew a hidden seam.

On light garments: blouses, dresses, shirts often facing missing. In this case, the bottom layer of the collar lock at the neck, leaving the upper part. Sew machine stitch, zautyuzhte seam inside the collar. The upper part of the collar place the necessary seam, fold the slice 5-6 mm, fasten with pins and route engine line manually or hem concealed stitches.

How to sew collar on the rack

If you have a model turn-down collar with a detachable stand, it will consist of unfastened parts and the rack itself. Join the parts unfastened part of each other, folded them face inward. Thoroughly combine all of the slices and baste, and then sostrochite, departing from the edge 1 cm Remove the collar and smooth the corners.

Now on the racks draw a line primaqiune unfastened parts. Fold details of stand facing each other, between them insert the unfastened portion of the collar, aligning the line of primaqiune, seal all with a running stitch or safety pins, and route the engine line.

Will astrocyte the ends of the rack, turn it on the front side. Iron the finished collar. The lower part of the strut and fold the item right sides, lay at the neck line with a width of 1 cm, cut away the seam allowances, leaving a 0.5 cm Close to the upper part of the rack, fold the slice and gently attrocity machine stitching, stepping back from the edge by 1-2 mm.

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