There are situations when to go to the hospital in advance is a must. If you do not follow the advice of doctors offering early hospitalization, you can face serious problems during childbirth. Therefore, if your gynecologist highly recommends you to go to the hospital, while you still to give birth in two weeks, it is better not to neglect his advice.
But it does not go to extremes. Early antenatal hospitalization is not necessary in all women. To go to the hospital in advance is required if you have a planned caesarean section. To reduce the risk of possible complications during and after surgery, you will prepare for it, conduct the necessary studies and analyses. In this case, you need to go to the hospital about 38 weeks pregnant, where'm going to admit you to the Department of pathology of pregnancy.
To send to the hospital in advance you can, if before the birth were revealed any complications of pregnancy. These include late toxicosis, which is manifested in increased blood pressure, edema, increase the level of protein in the urine, impaired placental blood flow, the lag in fetal development, the threat of premature birth.
Early hospitalization is indicated for women with aggravated during pregnancy chronic diseases. In this case, the doctor can observe your condition, health of the baby, the birth plan process. To go to the hospital in advance if you had surgery on the uterus. From about 38 weeks, doctors should monitor the condition of the scar.
If your pregnancy lasts longer than 40 weeks, ie you peremeshivaete the fruit, then you will also be asked to go to the hospital. When perenashivanie pregnancy the mother's body usually does ensure viability of the fetus, which carries the risk of complications. In the Department of pathology you examine and prepare, if necessary, for labor.