To make a choice

The paid services in the hospital are provided after conclusion of the contract with the insurance company (if the hospital business – that, by the institution). The insurance company must have a contract with a medical facility for such services. The representatives of the insurers should be in the hospital, there is a contract. Although it so happens that the insurance contracts at birth, it concludes, but the representative in the hospital has not. This variant is worse (although cheaper), because for all questions you can feel free to contact the representative of the insurer. And the place to do it easier and faster.

To contract for delivery need 36 weeks of pregnancy. Before that, a doctor will examine you, you'll do the ultrasound and prescribe necessary treatments. Most often now you can choose a specific doctor who will conduct your pregnancy and childbirth. Have the ability to give birth and rescue brigade, the cost of the contract will be significantly lower. Personal doctor will come to your birth, in any case, not even in her shift. Since the conclusion of the contract for delivery you will need to come on a routine inspection at the invitation of the doctor, at least once a week until the birth.

I feel it coming...

When the hour X and you will understand that you have to start at birth, first call your doctor and tell him. If he is not on duty, from the emergency room, if your labors are confirmed, he will make another call to the nurse, and the doctor will come. You can call and the representative of the insurer, if he is in the hospital and warn him.

In the emergency room along with the mandatory documents please submit a contract for paid labor. Of course, instantly the attitude of staff to you that will not change. Specifically, they for you will not receive any money. Yes, and the conditions of admissions frequently fail to give personal attention – too high turnover of patients (if it, of course, not talking about the commercial hospital).

If you give birth with your husband or your mother, after all the procedures together you will raise roadblock in the hotel Rojal. If it turns out that some Rozanov not and you have "temporarily" be placed in two or even in quadruple room with other women, don't settle. The single chambers can adhere to doctors for their patients. Leave husband to deal with this issue or immediately call the representative of the insurer. After a small scandal a separate chamber free from magically there.

After placing in the chamber to you will go to meet the midwife, and make all the necessary procedures and manipulations prescribed by the doctor. The doctor you visit, but do not expect that he will sit with you constantly, especially if he is on official duty. At the conclusion of the contract read carefully what procedures you will need to do. To the extract you are found that you have to pay extra, for example, for epidural anaesthesia.

If you have no medical contraindications, you can practice free behaviour in childbirth. Modern maternity hospitals can offer you the most comfortable – small pool, fitball, aromatherapy to ease contractions. You don't have to lie on the bed, you can freely move around the chamber to be in the position in which you feel most comfortable. This, incidentally, is one of the advantages of pay delivery. And you will give birth on the bed-transformer that can go anywhere is not necessary, there will be the only person (husband or mother) and a doctor with a midwife. After childbirth, first, the child immediately put you on your stomach, and after all the required procedures will be applied to the chest. Second, you will then be left alone to enjoy each other.

After the most important

After birth has a baby you will be transferred to the postnatal ward. Now most of the hospitals provide a private room (rarely double) "mother-child". All depends on the capabilities of the hospital. There is a hospital, offering family-friendly accommodation - dad can be with you. In any case, permitted family visits during designated hours (no quarantine and contraindications for most mothers). Baby will be with you all the procedure, the nurse will do with you, everyday you will have to visit a gynecologist and a pediatrician. Of course, at your request, the child can take the time in the children's ward so she could sleep and rest. You have the right to have any questions to medical staff, you are required to explain the meaning of all manipulations and procedures with the baby. In some hospitals in the paid post-Natal offices women fed a different menu, where there are fruits, and dairy products, and food can be 5-time. Discharge from hospital takes place on the third day (on the fifth after a caesarean section), if the condition of the newborn and mother are good.

If summarized, what are the advantages of contract labor, major: management of labor personal physician, selected by you; the presence of the relative; separate Rojal; free behavior in childbirth; a comfortable postpartum room.