Expectant mothers often face a choice: which hospital to choose – paid or free. It all depends on the real financial possibilities and equipment of maternity hospitals in the city. Sometimes even municipal institutions offer a full range of services and have quite modern equipment for obstetrics.

Many parents conclude a kind of agreement with a specific physician and come to the hospital where he practices. However, it should be borne in mind that a specialist can take a vacation or go on a business trip at the moment when she goes into labor. Therefore, first of all, you should choose a certain hospital.

The first steps in the search hospital

First and foremost, you should read feedback customers of existing nearby hospitals. Usually they can be found on the discussion forums on the Internet or try to use the services of word of mouth, that is, ask around from family and acquaintances about their feelings regarding the well-being of the institution of such a plan.

Secondly, you should take into account the remoteness of the hospital from the place of residence, because not everyone has the opportunity to reach it independently in a short period of time.

The hospital must have all necessary licenses for such activities. In each such document, what exactly has the right to engage the institution. If, for example, in the application there is no clause regarding surgical intervention, then the woman for caesarean section will be taken to municipal hospital. With regard to the specific physician, it is necessary to clarify the existing experience, as well as the period of work on this specialization.

For solving problems on the part of cardiology in the hospital must be a doctor-a cardiologist. A good hospital has intensive care for emergency cases, and is designed both for mom and baby. It is recommended to clarify how to change the amount of rendered services in case of complications in childbirth and the need for additional monitoring by doctors.

The nuances of selecting the institution

Many pregnant in the last stages decide to give birth outside the box, for example vertically, in the water, in the presence of several relatives. Typically, such a possibility is prescribed in the contract in advance.

It is extremely important to know about the details of postpartum conditions. As standard, the new mother spends in the hospital 3-4 days after birth. In the pay wards generally is a special baby cot, a comfortable bed for mom, a place for storage care for a newborn. There should also be a sink and a changing table. Some mothers fear to fully take care of the child from the first days. In such cases it is necessary to negotiate about the hourly feeding and the segregation of women and her newborn.