Size lingerie

Important that you should know when you are going to make a gift your favorite lingerie set is the size of your sweetheart. Ask her yourself, of course, should not be, but to ask the sister if she has a sister, or best friend.

In case you are too shy to ask strangers, you can just look at the tag on the underwear that she wears now. The number of the bra consists of 2 digits, and the size of kombidressy and panty is a hip girl.

Can also include a set of underwear to the store, where trained counselors will certainly help you with advice and selection of the optimal set.

However, it should take into account the proportions of the figure of your girl. If the figure is perfect, feel free to buy the kit. If it's not perfect, bra and panties will have to pick apart.

Color underwear

Determine the size, should also pay attention to color, which gives preference to your girlfriend. Imagination and a good imagination, you can even choose the kit suitable to the color of her eyes or hair.

But to avoid mistakes, you can choose the classic colors: black, red and Nude. The colors like most girls, and which are suitable for any clothing.

The style of underwear

Now that you know the favorite color or the color of your girls, you need to determine the style. Do not rush immediately to give a g-string! While this desire of men is understandable and explainable. Perhaps, in a Thong girl looks more than just sexy and seductive.

But if you are Dating recently, it is better to start with something classic. Moreover, not all girls like thongs and not all of them feel comfortable.

If your budget is limited, you can buy sexy underwear accessories: pendants, belt, silk stockings.

The material from which made underwear

Great importance is the material from which made underwear. It should be remembered that the whole of the day linen will closely fit the body of your beloved and you will definitely want to feel comfortable in it.

For everyday wear it is advisable to choose sets of natural fabrics, such as cotton, and for some important for both of you, the events – of silk linen or synthetic fabrics.

The choice to gift the right lingerie is an important event that can permanently strengthen your relationship and make them even deeper, romantic and sexy.