You will need
  • 1. Circulation pump,
  • 2. apparatus for welding pipes
  • 3. shut-off valves,
  • 4. electric cord,
  • 5. plug.
Install the circulation pump is recommended with a horizontal shaft. If you are installing a pump with a vertical shaft (i.e., motor up) possible accumulation in the air, which will prevent lubrication. Installation of the pump can be made on the return pipe and the feed pipe is heating the house. Except during installation possible mechanical tension!
Pick a place where you will install the pump. You need to choose it given the fact that in the future access to the pump was not difficult. Install the pump after all the work on the system, so installing it should be the final step in the installation of the heating system. If heating is used, it should be thoroughly washed.
Cut off the pipe where you plan to install the pump, and weld to the connection for valves. Before the circulating pump and after it it is necessary to install isolation valves – this is for convenience in removing the pump for cleaning or repair. Consider also the removal of air, if you want the pump to work long and reliably.
Weld the pump in the following sequence: shut – off valves- pump – shut-off valves. During installation observe the flow direction of the water or other coolant, as well as directional arrows on the pump casing. After finishing the welding work, check the tightness of the seams and fill the heating system coolant.
Connect the power cord to the pump. The electrical connection of the pump should be made with consideration of all applicable technical rules and regulations. The minimum distance of the electrical cable between the axes of the contacts must be 3 mm, and the cross-section not less than 0.75 sq. mm Cable shall be provided with a switch or plug. Turn on the cable in the socket.