For the welding machine plays an important role range of welding current, in other words, the capacity of the unit. If you have to weld grates, fences, other minor construction, it is quite suitable electrode size of 4 mm. Welding current in this case will be in the range 180-220 amps. Pay attention to the voltage. The higher it is, the easier the arc occurs. Some devices have the function of arc ignition, which is very easy job.
Welding machines equipped with a handle, to regulate the current. By changing the position of the transformer core, the current you can increase or decrease depending on the desired operation and the particular conditions of welding.
Before connecting the welding machine install, on what voltage it is (you can usually find the documentation for the unit). Then set the switch on the housing of the apparatus to position 220 or 380 volts.
The unit is connected for 220 volts, by connection to the supply machine one wire to "phase", the second is neutral and the third wire to connect a protective zero (this protects the hull).
Household welding machine is designed for 380 volts, is connected so: the power supply end connect to any two "phases", the third wire – to protective the "zero" wire to protect the casing. Thick (welded) ends point to the output, and more delicate marks the entrance.
Sometimes you might need to calculate the permissible power of the device for a specific transaction. For this voltage and multiply by the maximum current value (which is indicated on the machine plate).