How to put the balance of the building after its construction if the owner of such building is the Builder, and the work was attracted by a contractor? Prepare design documentation, which must be approved by the relevant authorities.
Prepare documents confirming completion of construction (COP-11) and confirm all the executed works (KS-2, KS-3). Collect all invoices.
Legalize the building. This procedure is best arranged in such a way as if you purchased it from a third party, that is bought it. Since the construction costs are not reflected in the company's investment activities and are not capitalized, register (register) that the building immediately will be impossible, as the list of required documents you will not. If the building is bought, you should take the contract of purchase and sale concluded between you and the seller.
Take permission to enter the building, which must be signed by the administration and the architect. Contact with the prepared documents to the relevant authorities, which recognize the right of ownership of the organization on the building.
Inventory, surrendered the building and make it into accounting as an object used for a particular purpose.