You will need
  • Menu for next week.
  • - a list of products.
Before you calculate the groceries for the week, make a rough menu for each day. In this case, it will become clear what products and in what quantity need to purchase. To purchased products missing in the fridge, they need to count based on the number of family members, their food habits and taste priorities. For example, if Breakfast is taken to start with yogurt, then a couple for a week they will need 14 pieces.
Calculation products for the whole family for a week is on the same principle. Per day for one person requires about 150-200 grams of meat or fish, the same amount of cereals, 500 grams of vegetables and fruit, 15 grams of butter and vegetable oils dairy products. Sweets are calculated taking into account the fact that over 50 grams of chocolates per day is unhealthy.
After cooking menu, make a complete list needed for cooking daily meals products. Go to the store together with the guide to action and clearly follow it, not trying to go on about the temptation to put in the basket is not listed in the list of products. Products are purchased once a week, then shop frequented only in order to purchase fresh bread and dairy products.