Stains on white fabric, resulting from the unsuccessful wash, you can try to withdraw via "Comet" or any other cheaper bleach that hit the shelves of hardware stores. Only before using read the instructions. On colored things pollution can be treated "Vanish".
"Antilen" only helps to remove foreign dyes with fabric. Own drawing in the processing of not suffering.
Spoiled after molting things you can try to save the following manner: boil them, if such processing is allowed by the manufacturers of the fabric. After that, if the boiling does not help, prepare a mixture of half large tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of starch, one tablespoon diluted in water of citric acid, one tablespoon grated on a grater soap. On the reverse side of the stain is overlaid with the prepared mixture for twelve hours. After that things can be washed, dried and ironed iron. The spots usually disappear after this treatment.
You can also get rid of colored streaks of paint with faded things holding it in a hot solution of ammonia. You will need a pot of hot water and one bottle of ammonia. However, you then have to rinse things, to get rid of peculiar smell.
To restore fabric color by using the tools against the staining of the Dr. Beckmann. They allow you to remove things with faded paint immediately after washing. It is possible to use, for machine and for hand washing.
There are also special cloths that serve as traps for the color, if they add them in the washing machine, do not allow things to shed. Thus you will get rid of the problems that deliver things with unstable dyes.